Hey, I'm Adam.

I've been doing software development for a long time. My comfort zone is in the mid-tier to back end database and business logic type of activities. I made this site just to learn some up to date front end techniques. Plus, I've never had a place to send someone to look at the various side projects I'm always working on.

I like to keep learning so most of the projects are not written the same way. I'm most comfortable with Ruby on Rails but recently I've been experimenting with smaller, leaner frameworks such as roda as well as Python and flask. Also, since all the cool kids are doing it, I started a project using open data, a lean API, and a React front end.


keep track of day-to-day stuff. import workouts from strava. input expenses via sms.
user: demo and password: demo
tech: mongodb/rails
dog training and dog care. services, classes, gallery, testionials, etc.
tech: postgresql/roda
border wait times
canadian historical border wait times
tech: postgresql/flask/react
markdown based static site generator. custom gems for table of content generation and view data.
tech: nesta/markdown
photo gallery site. public and private galleries, download, exif details, comments.
tech: postgresql/aws/rails
race results visualization
tech: postgresql/rails


2018 - present

cgi details...

  • Ministry of Health application upgrades
  • more stuff
2015 – 2017

Developed and maintained software to connect students with experts in various fields

  • Refactored the learning experience tools into its own application
  • Implemented session recording and other primary features
  • helped upgrade a monolithic application from Ruby on Rails 3 to 5.1
  • Helped improve and maintain the software that analyzes performance and adjusts spending for google and bing advertising
2013 – 2015

Developed and maintained and enterprise payment processing platform

  • Designed and implemented a plugin architecture and implemented sample plugins for piwik, optimizely, and mailchimp
  • Helped to design, then solely implemented coupon functionality
  • migrated functionality from legacy PHP with no MVC framework to Zend framework 3
2011 – 2012

Developed an enterprise web content management platform using Perforce's commercial version control system as a document based data store (instead of a RDBMS).

  • PHP Zend framework, Dojo, PHPUnit
  • Test Driven Development and Scrum
2009 - 2011

Developed an enterprise online accounting and reporting application for tracking carbon emissions, energy use and other sustainability metrics such as water and waste. Clients include several fortune 500 companies in defense, manufacturing, finance and other sectors.

  • J2EE, Restlet, Extjs, Spring, JSP, JSON, MYSQL, Junit, Maven
  • designed and developed several integration points for acquiring data from external systems. Web services and asynchronous processing
  • supervised a team of four developers, delegated tasks and performed code reviews



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330 tyee rd, victoria bc